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Learn to play Lead Guitar! Rock and country bands employ three or more players, typically at least four: a drummer, a bass player, a rhythm player, and a lead player. Rhythm players most often play the chord progression of the song, while lead players play notes over those chords using scales that lie within the key of the song. (A complete guitar player should learn to play both rhythm and lead.)
A Dream Transformed, Stella’s Story, in the genre of Christian historical fiction, introduces seventeen-year-old Stella Manning, who already knows her life’s purpose: to perform the dramatic spoken art of elocution on the stage. But her dream is shattered and pushed aside by her father’s dream instead, sweeping her away from her beloved Dublin to brawny, bold, and dangerous 1892 New York City. Might she find a way to trust God as she pursues a cherished dream, or will she be caught in the...
Everybody was generous with their opinion when Sandy Ray-- a strong independant sucessfull young woman who sworn to never get married-- decided to marry a charmer she has only known for one month, but everything was perfect. What could go wrong? He was heart warmingly charming. Loving. This man was everything she believed didnt exist. She said yes eventhough a certain line repeated in her mind. " If it is too good to be true then it probably is."
After the mysterious deaths of her brother and sister at the fangs of what looks like a feral dog, Jenny Cameron develops nightmares and blackouts. The quest for the truth about herself leads to her long-lost father, who deserted the family before her birth. He seeks redemption for the curse he carries, but has his bloody past condemned him beyond salvation? When Jenny discovers the secret of her dark heritage, she's no longer sure she can trust her dangerous nature enough to be with the man...
Why...... Have you ever wondered why something happens, I have.. I came home late one evening and my life changed, not sure if it was for the better yet. I found out I do have a dad.  Found a few possible friends. Ryland, Syrus and Dylan the triplets. Mason the Big guy Darren the Grumpy one  Drake, not sure what to make of him yet.  It seems like this change might be for the good, but its to soon to tell.
SOUL FOOD... IT'S NOT JUST A SOUTHERN CUISINE... Everything seems to be looking up for young Guyanese father Compton Sharpe. He's got a beautiful baby daughter, a devoted fiancee, a dirt-cheap place to stay at his Dad's house in New Jersey, and to top it all off he's just landed an incredibly well-paid yet ridiculously easy job as a janitor in a local lab. Sure, there does seem to be something a bit...
The PR Paradox is an educational and engaging study on the nature of PR today, culling Rodsevich’s expertise and insights gained from his years working in agencies, in-house and finally creating his own agency. Written for those who are interested in or just starting out in PR, the lessons and examples collected are both entertaining and educative, and will give the initiate a leg up in the frenetically paced world of PR.
Nothing ten-year-old Melody has ever been told about her life is true … including her name. After a fire destroys her home and kills her mother, she journeys to live with family she didn’t know existed. She discovers her real identity and finds a home she hadn’t known she was missing. Buy the short story, Summer Song, now and take a journey to heart and home.
One cliff… One misstep… One too many reasons she shouldn’t have hiked alone… Jen Thompson has hiked the Jack’s Fork Trails hundreds of times. What should’ve been a quick hike takes a deadly turn. When Jen finds herself clinging to life, her only hope is that help arrives before it’s too late. Will they make it in time? Buy Edge of Life today to find out.
Air. Earth. Fire. Metal. Water. Things we don’t think of unless forced... Elemental Tales is a collection of creative stories about survival, consequences, loss, escape, commitment, love, mysticism and magic, where heroes encounter the very stuff the world is made of in order to save themselves, their families, and perhaps the world.


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