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This is a children's book that is designed to help a child cope with Christmas 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic through a religious aspect. This book will help bring hope to a child's heart.
Barney the horse wants to look like a unicorn for a party, but the other animals tell him he can't. When disaster strikes will Barney get his wish and be a real unicorn?
A heartfelt and bittersweet romance, S. K. Radhakrishnan’s I Have No Earthly Idea will make you rejoice and grieve with its earnest, charming hero, and leave you with a lingering smile. A novel filled with characters from professions seldom portrayed in novels and movies such as physician assistants, physical therapists, speech pathologists, and occupational therapists captures a sense of realism and adds authenticity to this romance in the medical setting. It is a captivating read and will...
Not too long ago, people often turned to their electronics as an escape from all the social interaction and physical activities that they kept themselves occupied with. However, now that the times have changed, the exact opposite happens. People spend their entire day glued to a screen instead of interacting with people and venturing outside for some fresh air. In some cases, a family can be seated at the dining table eating together but because they are all on their respective electronics. For...
Many years ago I taught myself how to juggle, mostly from sheer boredom at work. Using balled up duct tape I practiced and practiced until I could keep all three balls up in the air continuously. Without the aid of a “how to juggle” book, it took me a long time but the satisfaction of achievement was still there.
“It is an inside look into the long, painful process of acknowledging that while evil exists, beauty and love are out there somewhere as well, and victims of child abuse deserve to lay claim to it.” - David Tanner Lauka
There is a turning point in everyone’s lives. Nobody knows when that point will come or at what age, but it will be a phase for you to learn. Just like every single one of us, the writer of this book went through the roughest phase and came out on top by sticking to her heart and soul. Doctor Patricia Scott, a doctor who is ready to inspire the masses with her new book, Resilience, writes the book. In this book, Doctor Patricia Scott shares the strategies based on her experience as an...
This book is about a young Marine Sergeant, Colten. He grew up watching his parents share great love and respect for one another. He always knew that he would get married and settle down in a tiny town in Florida, just like his parents.
In the months following my wife’s passing, I was absolutely stunned. I honestly could not even read my Bible. I thank God that I had invested in studying God’s Word in earlier years and had His Word hidden in my heart. In the darkest moments of my grief, these scriptures welled up within me and gave me the strength to go on another day. To all who have endured the loss of a spouse or a loved one taken too soon – May my story inspires you to engage your faith-life even harder. Don’t lose hope!...
Success is a small word that has a profound meaning in each individual’s life. That is when things can get dangerous or become a boost for your efforts. The Twelve Steps to A Meaningful Life is a testimony from the author, Edward L. Roth. According to Edward, the true meaning of success may deviate from person to person and depends on several circumstances. If you are going to define success in your own words, the list will be endless.


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