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The Journey Of A Gypsy Soul is similar to witnessing a Survivor vs Victim in the foster care system. Elizabeth A. Kogut talks about always being a survivor even as a young child, the difficulties of her journey and how can people can be successful through any type of turmoil.
The Modè Book: How to Break into Fashion Journalism, is a 131-page reference that addresses the things most journalism textbooks do not. Traditional books focus on the structure of journalism with emphasis on how to write. The Modè Book gives tailored instruction on the creation, or advancement of a career in the fashion industry. Further, with print journalism changing rapidly, The Modè Book addresses how to exist in fashion media’s new normal where print is no longer king.
After a global outbreak threatens to decimate the planet, Australian scientists select a group of highly skilled young people to establish a sustainable island community built on the modern values of equity, diversity and inclusion. Their primary task? To learn the art of survival and save humankind.
Seven Biblical Insights for Healthy, Joyful, Christ-Centered Marriages is a gift for my newsletter subscribers! The material came from my book, Marriage God’s Way, and the accompanying workbook. If you enjoy Seven Biblical Insights, you should enjoy Marriage God’s Way and the accompanying workbook. Both are available on Amazon, Each insight is followed by discussion questions you should answer with your spouse (or boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancé). These questions will help you receive the most...
Do you want to find joy and purpose in all you do? “Work and Rest God’s Way is a welcome contribution as Christians rediscover the doctrine of vocation in all of its practicality and spiritual richness.”Dr. Gene Edward Veith—Provost at Patrick Henry College, director of the Cranach Institute, and author of God at Work
The Family Guide is the perfect complement to Work and Rest God’s Way!
Mary sets out on a cruise for people in the twilight of their years, with her long suffering, but ever loving husband Eddie. This is no ordinary cruise; once on board Mary is catapulted back through the decades, taking her through wonderful memories and giving her the opportunity to wear the clothes and listen to the music of her youth. A story with humour and sadness throughout. Mary's story will be burned into your heart forever.
“Know Money, No Problem,” by financial realist Ronnie Lee, is a comprehensive and practical guide to wealth acquisition and management. This books is a must-read for the “average” person, with “average” income who wants to maximize their wealth and join the ranks of the “above-average” financial success stories. With time-proven methods outlined in plain English, Lee demystifies the secrets that every person with sustained wealth already knows. And now you can know it too!
This book helps you understand the complicated cyber world that is being built around us and how people are profiting from it. Some profiteers have improved their military might and others benefit from greater marketing access to you. Unfortunately, some other online characters are just criminals making profit from stealing your ideas, intellectual property and identity.
This book is a must read by family members, caregivers and friends of elderly and Alzheimer's sufferers who are cognitively impaired. It is premised on LOVE, EMPATHY, KINDNESS, UNDERSTANDING, REASON AND OPEN-MINDEDNESS when dealing with societal concerns for elderly and Alzheimer's.


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