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The power of the kings of the Middle Kingdom have been failing for some time, having lost control of the Nile Delta to a series of Canaanite kings who ruled from the northern city of Avaris. Into this mix came the Kings of Amurri, Lebanon and Syria bent on subduing the whole of Egypt. These kings were known as the Hyksos, and they dealt a devastating blow to the peoples of the Nile Delta and Valley.
Felicia wakes up each morning and notices her feelings. Sometimes she feels happy, but sometimes she feels sad or angry. How can Felicia help herself feel calm and at peace? She starts by thinking of a place that makes her feel calm. She listens to her body. She uses her breath. She knows she can do it.
This “gripping social history” (Publishers Weekly), with all the passion and pathos of a classic opera, chronicles the riveting first campaign against the death penalty waged in 1895 by American pioneer activist, Cora Slocomb, Countess of Brazzà, to save the life of a twenty-year-old illiterate Italian immigrant, Maria Barbella, who killed the man who had abused her.
An old sixties musician and his trim mama run a pot farm in the Emerald Triangle of northern California and welcome an exonerated ex-con, a Las Vegas prostitute, a union organizer from the Bronx, an escapee of a sex slave cult, a retired carney with Parkinson’s Disease, and an old Mississippi blues guitarist down on his luck. Together they create a last resort, a modern version of home and family.
If You Believe You’ll Be in Debt for the Rest of Your Life, You Have to Keep on Reading! It’s possible to start a debt-free, fulfilling life in less than a year Can you identify with any of the following scenarios: You literally have to count your dollars and by the end of the month, you’re left with nothing. Money worries are stealing your sleep, affecting your work performance and even ruining your relationship with that special someone. How much more can you take?
Powering Startups by Growth Hacking handbook will give you key insights regarding the effective Practical Techniques, Best Practices and Growth Hack Ideas that one can employ to drive their Startups from 1 to 10^6X Stage.
All Anna Belko wants is a quiet cup of tea. For a young garment factory worker in the uneasy city of Dor, such moments of peace are few and far between. When she stops by a little cafe called Oxsana's on her way home from work, she has many things on her mind, but meeting the man who will turn her life upside down is not one of them.
The vast metropolis, a city inhabited by goblins, in the throes of an industrial revolution forged in magic. Manna, magical energy captured in physical form, fuels its factories to produce artefacts traded across the galaxy. Wizards are the new elite. They use their magical skill to amass great wealth, and in turn, political power. Resentment grows among the mundane goblin proletariat.
Dispensing Optician Evie Matthews has her life entirely planned out—that is until a surprise breakup ruins everything. Fleeing her conventional lifestyle, she escapes to Edinburgh, Scotland, accepting a position at a private optometrist's office. Proving that a complete 180° is more complicated than it looks, Evie loses her luggage, her flat, and her nerves, ending her first day abroad drowning derailed plans at the bottom of a mojito and in the arms of an unexpected encounter.


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