Avon Calling! (Episode #2) "A Dream That I Can Call My Own"

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Romantic Suspense Thriller, Suspense Thrillers

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Kerry Greenwood

Book Summary

In the seedy underworld of 1940’s New York, revenge tastes like cherry pie with a side of lipstick and perfume. The Avon Lady is in town…

Betty continues her vigilante ways, this time with her sights set on Frank Polletti, a crime boss working from the Capitol Palace jazz club in Harlem. Meanwhile, George becomes suspicious and a handsome detective with links to Betty’s past steps into the mess she leaves behind.


2015 / 2016 FINALIST - Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship
2016 FINALIST - Adi Shankar's Bootleg Universe Short Script and Story Contest

"Excellent and flawlessly executed" J M (Amazon)

"Avon Calling takes on the tropes of femininity in the 40's- the dutiful wife, gals who just want to look pretty letting their man do all the heavy lifting and thinking - and flips them on their head." Screencraft

"Avon Calling is one of my favorites because its premise is based upon balancing the normal day of a 1940's housewife and mother with her night time adventures as a kick-ass assassin or whatever she is! Great fun and definitely something that I haven't come across before." Manchester(Amazon)

"... a World War II era super-heroine who is juggling responsibilities of protecting the home front with those of her family - a solid four stars and sincerely tempted to toss in an extra half star" A K(Amazon)

"... a vigilante super-heroine who is a little bit like Betty Draper and a lot like Frank Castle... (it) does a great job of turning the world of superheroes upside down and inside out." Eric (Goodreads)

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