Baby Bootcamp: Sleep Training for a Happy Healthy Baby

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

If you are a first-time parent suffering from sleep deprivation and running on because of the constant night baby awakenings, then you need to find a solution – and you need one now. Or maybe you are about to become a first-time parent and are in a panic because you don’t want to be one of those parents who are miserable for the first year of your baby’s life because sleep is just nonexistent.

We won’t just tell you how to get your baby to sleep. This book provides you with effective tools and techniques that TEACH your baby how to sleep independently, practically without tears.

In this book you will discover:

♦ The true nature of newborn and young baby sleep.

♦ How to prepare and overcome common newborn sleep issues.

♦ What internal and external factors impact sleep.

♦ How to create a nurturing sleep coaching plan to align your baby's sleep pattern with your family’s needs.

You won’t just be given one method and hope it works. Instead, you will gain valuable knowledge about your baby’s own personal sleep patterns and how to get your baby to sleep faster and keep it asleep longer. This book addresses the most common sleep issues parents face from day one, up until five years of age.

After reading this book you will feel confident in your ability to help coach your baby to sleep better on their own. You will be one of the lucky parents that you used to envy who can proudly and joyfully say, “My little one is a sleeping master.” If you are ready to ditch the sleepless nights and don’t want to waste time on a sleep training approach that may or may not work for you, then you’ll want to get started on reading this book!

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