Barton Hollow

Genre: Fantasy, General Fiction, Horror, Romance

Book Summary

The slogan for Barton Hollow says the following: Welcome to Barton Hollow. One visit, and you’ll be simply dying to come back. I didn’t think it met literally. But Mom was always vague about her past, and now as I head to her hometown, I’m beginning to understand why. Hidden deep in the Montana mountains, the creepy old house my grandmother takes care of I can’t go into, I’ve received vague warnings from the mysterious, older guy lurking in the woods about werewolves, and then there’s the stranger in the house.
The one that’s watching, waiting for me to go inside. I know I’m not supposed to, but the longer I deny myself the trip to the Barton place, the more in the dark I feel I’ll stay. Of course, sometimes the dark might not be such a bad place to be, depending on what secrets the light shines.

About the Author

I am the writer of Barton Hollow, an online serial novel published weekly. I've been writing my whole life but after publishing excerpts of my writing on facebook I wanted a way to get my books out there. So I decided to publish my stories in a weekly format. I am a fan of the wacky and weird.

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