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Genre: Romance

Book Summary

Lexi just wants to go hunting ... alone.
She's been stalked, held hostage, tortured, had a shootout that would rival the OK Corral, and not to mention the relationship drama with a Payne.
Someone is pulling strings behind her back. Secrets she doesn't know threaten her very heart. Can she accept the future while knowing the past?


I'm not a romance reader by habit; this year, for a variety of reasons, I wanted to see if there was anything in the genre that wasn't a cookie-cutter, bodice-ripper, predictable bit of happily ever after that never deviates from the formula. KARI DEVIATES QUITE NICELY! I'm excited about this series and about the brilliant future for this gal! Her characters are multi-dimensional, her settings are described with the eye of an experienced hand, and her details are true to form and reflect the 'country' way of life accurately, with little snippets of 'big-city' excitement!

I love how this tale picked up where Cracked But Never Broken left off, switching the point of view. We get more of the original backstory, characters develop, we get to love them, to hate them, to hold our breath in anticipation of the next twist! So far, it's like a watching a bud blossom into a beautiful flower, but when the petals flit away, it's only to let the fruit grow!! I expect the next episode in this series will be as rewarding and satisfying as a Georgia peach cobbler!! I definitely want to be a bunny in the Laughing P fluffle!!

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About the Author

A fourth-generation farm girl, Kari Holloway specializes in southern fiction romance and fantasy, though she dabbles in other genres. Her family's farm plays a hand in her Laughing P series, with her mother collecting all sorts of animals, from cats to emus and everything in between. Kari uses these experiences, as well as her studies in Psychology from her time at Georgia Southwestern State University to really get into the minds of her characters, helping her to create people in her stories who are true to life. Especially cowboys, for which she has an affinity.

A native of Leesburg, Georgia, Kari spends her days writing, cuddling with her daughters, and baking delicious treats. She's also a bit of a shutterbug, taking kids and camera to some of her favorite places: aquariums, theme parks, museums, and zoos.

Kari enjoys hearing from her readers, and invites them to follow her blog and social media.

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