Black Ash & Green (Sessions with my Therapist)

Genre: Non Fiction

For Fans Of

David Whelan Peedie William Constance Briscoe

Book Summary

N. E. Childe could be, quite literally, any child. Vulnerable and ill-cared for, she spent her childhood, teens and early adulthood as a victim, preyed upon by sick individuals; people she knew but couldn't tell on. She went on to meet others who suffered equally and secretly with whom she bonded. Now grown up and middle-aged, she looks back on her younger life and recalls the sad and shady parts of it, including her own unsuccessful suicide attempt. But it’s not all doom and gloom. The accounts will sadden but her efforts to overcome depression will gladden your heart as her tales pull the heart strings, and yet other accounts will make you smile or laugh. Mostly this book is thought-provoking, and depicts the therapy sessions that finally meant a way out of the past, and to the end while this child suffered some disturbing experiences, she still held onto her sanity and her sense of humour to come through it all.


Sazzy's Review:

The author of this book is a friend of mine. Therefore my star rating of five stars isn't for my enjoyment of the book but rather for the quality of writing. I couldn't possibly enjoy reading about the trauma my friend has endured but I can admire her brevity and strength for sharing her life with others. Her tale is both shocking and heartbreaking but has been written in a manner that isn't highly graphic in content. It is also a tale of hope to others, through all the difficulties faced, she survived and still survives.

About the Author

My name really is N E Childe and I always had a story to tell but was reluctant to divulge a tale I wasn't sure anyone would believe. As a consequence, I endured a lifetime of depression and low-self esteem. Then, breaking news broke in the UK about a famous and high-profile celebrity’s past historic abuse of his status, position and power, and victims started coming out of the woodwork eager to tell their sad stories, and suddenly I had a light-bulb moment. I wasn't the only one to live with the shame and worthlessness I felt, and I could put forth my story, now - even in my middle years - of my toxic home-life as a child and my running away to what I thought was freedom in the big city, only to jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

There are people out there like me, and folk who will relate to how life that starts off on the wrong foot can continue along the wrong path. Yet, there is encouragement between the lines and silver linings to the smallest of clouds as my story unfolds, and I feel empowered by the words I've written and the help I have at last sought in a day and age where abused people like myself no longer have to suffer in silence. There is also now no more silence for those that break the law and break children’s' hearts, who molest naïve teenagers and terrorise young adults fairly confident they’ll get away with it. Despite the subject matter, I'd like to think this is written in a light-hearted manner without too much graphic detail. At the end of the day, it's a story of overcoming diversity against the odds, and because my name itself seems to read as 'Any Child', I felt now was the time to tell the story and, in so doing, I was finally able to put the past to rest.

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