Black Horse

Genre: Historical Romance

Book Summary

Adopted by the Sioux as a young child, Meadow thinks of herself as one of the People, until a white visitor to their camp notices her pale coloring and begins to question her background. On the verge of consummating her vows with the virile young chief who's captured her heart, she is torn from the life she loves.

Sioux War Chief, Black Horse will risk his freedom to rescue her and wage the greatest war of his life to claim the beautiful white captive as his own.


5-star review...I have read many love stories with Indians and white women and I have to say this one IS the BEST one so far! I was so drawn to this book I read it in one sitting. I could not put this book down. I gasped out loud, my heart hurt when Meadow was going through so many trials and so happy that her love for Black Horse made her such a strong woman. Even though the characters were quite young it never deterred from the point of how deep love can go. This book was all about love even though half of it through they were never together but there minds and hearts were always together.

Black Horse was a fabulous character. Black Horse was loyal and knew what he wanted, not brooding, and accepting love without a fight. He would do anything for Meadow.

And FINALLY a strong woman character. Meadow went through SO much to prove her worth and her character intensified when she had to save the love of her life.

This was an amazing book. I highly recommend it!

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About the Author

I’ve spent my entire life in Colorado enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, dirt biking and camping. I consider myself a hopeless romantic and a seeker of endless adventure. Life, family, friends and music are my inspirations.

My published books include: Texas Rose, Desperado Desire, Savage Bite; Apache Tigress, Texas Princess, Cheyenne Temptress, Colorado Passion, Yukon Love Song, Black Horse, White Owl and Superstition.

I’m working on the second book in a Paranormal Romance Series, entitled The Blood Clan. Superstition is the first book in this series, and was a June 9, 2017 release by The Wild Rose Press.

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