Blackwood: A Gotheim Tale

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal

For Fans Of

H.P Lovecraft, Edgar Allen Poe, Stephen King, Cormac McCarthy

Book Summary

The Wars of Religion are over. The holy line of the emperors is extinguished and the heir to the Silver Throne is lost. The Old Ways are beginning to fade from the world and its people have been hunted to the brink of annihilation. At the heart of the city Gotheim, the great fortress tower, known only as the Citadel, stands as the last bastion of order in the darkening world. The impregnable tower is as a symbol of hope. It is as a symbol of fear.

A delicate peace resides over the realm, but under the far reaching shadow of the Citadel, dark rumours are abound. Tales of monsters and black magic spread through the hinterlands like wildfire, and those within the city walls feel a growing darkness spread its wings. The world seems to be on the edge of breaking. Some believe the world will move on. Others believe the dark power of the ancient fae will rise again. For those who serve the Citadel, the war continues. The hunt has not yet ended.

Under the ancient edict of Fae’lar Essenta Per’culum, Marcus Blackwood, an inquisitor of the Citadel, travels to the hinterland village of Westgrave to investigate the peculiar case of Mary Shaw, a girl taken by a strange illness. Following the reports of his apprentice, Blackwood begins to unravel the mysteries that surround Mary Shaw, only to discover other villages have been struck with the same cursed illness, yet the daughters of those settlements have simply vanished. And what of the tales of the woman in the woods and the unnatural gloom that lingers over Westgrave?

Dark rumours come to evil fruition as Blackwood's investigation leads him to uncover a threat that may reach beyond the simple village of Westgrave. He'll face a long-forgotten evil that not even he may be able to stop. The fate of Mary Shaw lies in jeopardy and Blackwood's duty to the Citadel may force him to sacrifice more than he is willing to part with.

About the Author

The aspiration to become a writer came at an early age for Clyde Davis. If you were to ask him why, to this day, he would attribute it to his parents and the diet of literature they offered him. Before he could comprehend the premise of such tales, Clyde spent his afternoons in his mother’s classroom and listened as she taught the likes of Shakespeare, Fitzgerald, Miller and Hemingway. These figures always fascinated him - men and women who were able to craft timeless bodies of work. Stories which would last forever. For him, this was a temptation he could not deny. Besides the grand stories from his mother’s classroom, Clyde’s father would read to him at night. Before sleep would take him, he would lie and listen to his father read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. Romeo and Juliet, The Great Gatsby, the Misty Mountains and the mystery of the Elves - how could any young boy resist such magnificence. Unbeknownst to him, these would become the foundations of his own storytelling.

Through the years, Clyde has continued to develop his own appetites for literature - exploring both literary fiction and fantasy - and has found the attraction in both. As a writer, he swings between both genres, often looking for the point at which they meet. His writing combines the realism of fiction with the magical elements of fantasy, lending aspects from one genre to give a unique impression on the other. With this as his core principle, Clyde refuses to isolate himself to any specific genre. He enjoys inhabiting both worlds, and is a firm believer that a writer can move between realms, pursuing inspiration as it comes. According to Clyde, the process of creation is intrinsic to the human condition, no matter the complexity or form. Whether it’s a conversation or a novel, we are all born with the ability to tell tales and be creative. It is only in the way that it is told that makes us different.

Clyde’s works are eclectic and varied. As with anyone’s imagination, there are different dimensions, aspects and inspirations - and as a writer, Clyde strives to offer his readers tales from every corner of his creativity.

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