Blayze: Slap Shot

Genre: Romance

For Fans Of

Helena Hunting, Zoe York, Toni Aleo, Melissa Bel, Pippa Grant, Odette Stone, Kely Jamieson

Book Summary

Blayze is on top of the world as a candidate for the Norris Trophy and he’s home visiting his wealthy family in Boston for Christmas. He’s arrogant to kids who ask for autographs and he’s extremely wealthy but tends to buy his way out of things.
Kelsey works in her dad’s pub in the college town in Colorado. She’s in the nursing program and is finishing up her clinicals. Between school, and work and taking care of her dad who drinks too much, she has no time for herself.
Blayze has a visit to the emergency room and is demanding and aggressive. Kelsey has to deal with him along with her supervising doctor.
Blayze can’t forget about her and tracks her down to her father’s pub. She’s not a fan at first, but when he busses tables for her on a busy night, she contemplates a first date with the sexy stud.


Releasing September 5th 2020

About the Author

Zoe has previously been published in Shape Magazine, Parents of South Florida magazine, and was a journalist for the Fort Myers News-Press. She resides in southwest Florida with her husband and three large dogs. Her children live locally and are always up for a game night. Her love of hockey and writing led to the creation and motivation for the series. Her son is an avid hockey player. Each book is standalone in the series. For a free prequel to The Sin Bin Series Tyler: Hooked visit
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