Blessed to be Skipped

Genre: Short Stories

Book Summary

From Losing Mother to Losing Father & Moving Abroad Complete Journey of Jocelyn's Life.

This is a story about my life. A tale of how I had to watch my loved ones endure the sufferings that came with diseases. From first-hand experience, I can tell you that health is the most priceless element in your life. Nothing can give you your health back once you lose it. Only God can do that, so be grateful to God for all the times you have observed your health to be great.

My entire family struggled with a disease that caused cancers and tumors in their bodies. I lost most of my loved ones at the hands of it. However, something that I learned from all the losses that I suffered is that life goes on. You have to feel motivated and continue to live a life helping others and yourself to maintain the optimum level of health. Never take your health for granted, and always be thankful for it by taking care of your body. Health is one of the greatest gifts given to us by God. So make sure to cherish it!

About the Author

Jocelyn Ali wrote the book “Blessed to be Skipped,” ISBN 1913969215. She is an accounting professional who has worked in the healthcare field for almost two decades. Her story is painful, suffering, strengthening, and influential. It is a harrowing tale of the atrocities and grief that a person, especially a woman, goes through in their efforts to live a simple life. For many years, these personal stories lived only in her memory, but after much consideration, she has finally succeeded in gathering the courage and valiantly compile her life to share her stories with the world. It was initially an absolutely frightening thought for her, but she considered it the final stretch on the road to her betterment.
After reading this, she hopes that the readers can learn from her experiences, avoid the mistakes she made, and follow the decisions that guided her to success. It has been written with her heart and soul poured into it and is one of her proudest achievements.

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