Blistered (A Modern Greek Myth)

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

For Fans Of

L.J. Smith, Richelle Mead, Melissa Marr

Book Summary

White hair. Pallid skin. Red eyes. Azalee is Blistered, touched by the sun god Helios in an attempt to "cure" her of her Chertz heritage gone awry. She's banished underground, doomed to die alone.

Until Joel comes along. He's young, he's intelligent, and he's determined to help her--even if it means defying the gods.

About the Author

Born into a military family, Deidre Huesmann bounced around a couple states in her life before finally settling in the one she grew up: Washington. Her many passions are torn amongst writing, urban fantasy, mythology, true crime, and spending quality time with her budding family. Without video games, she would probably have lost her mind years ago.

Currently she works full-time and can only write on the side, but she pursues it in what free time she can scrape together.

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