Blood Lines Family Ties

Genre: Horror, Mystery, Paranormal, Suspense Thrillers

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I can't say that I have been compared to other writers but what I have been told many times is that my books are fresh which I find a little amusing. Actually I tend to draw on the more classic concepts of horror and try to bring out more emotional responses from my readers. Yes, I do sometimes try to pull at your heartstrings at times and when it is appropriate, to make the reader laugh. I want to pull the reader into the story in a way that lets you get a feeling for my characters. I strive to make the reader feel like they are greeting an old friend or encountering an arch enemy. I've been told by many that is what I do. Even with my first book of short stories one reoccurring character caused such an emotional response that people wanted me to write a book about him. To do that it would have taken about ten volumes the size of War and Peace to cover his existence so the second book of short stories was a much better plan. Each short story in that book is linked to the one before with this character remembering his past and how he became what he is and his part in what happens in each of those stories.

Book Summary

Over a hundred years ago two men stepped into the edge of a lake making their way through the shallow water to a lone cabin. Hours later only one of them came back out. In his wake he left a family dead as well as the man who went in with him.
The result of that night all those years ago has landed on Emma's doorstep when her cousin Christine shows up at midnight on one of the coldest days in January. Christine's neighbor has disappeared into the night and the Christine tells is hard for even Emma to believe.
It's the story of a ghoulishly white figure that she saw dragging her neighbor into the dark woods behind her house. This neighbor isn't the only one who has gone missing over the past hundred years, evidently there have been a lot, and Christine is making the claim that the local police have known about the disappearances but have been covering it up.
Emma is about to start down a very dark road that could lead to a dead end and she might not be coming back.

About the Author

I came to writing a bit late in life. What started it was a culmination of what should have really been unrelated things and events that combine over two hundred of years history of a single state, over a hundred years of one family's history, a farm and a headstone. These things came together one day on that farm that had been in my husband's family for over a hundred years when I decided to take a closer look at a headstone that had been found in one of the fields of that farm over sixty years ago. That headstone was for two little girls, one eight years old who died in 1868 and the other one ten who died in 1870. In that moment my mind converted that to one girl eighteen years old and Mary Louise Devon was born and died on Oct. 7, 2013 and I started writing my first book Blood Lines The Curse.
I'm married to a wonderful man and we have three beautiful daughters between us. We live in Tennessee which will always be home but I fell in love with Missouri, a farm, and with the man I married from there.

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