Blythe: Schemes Gone Amiss

Genre: Historical Romance

Book Summary

Is his honor more important than winning her heart?

Intrepidand outspoken, Blythe Culpepper is dragged against her will to London for aSeason. To her dismay, her guardian enlists the devilishly attractive LordLeventhorpe, the one man she detests, to assist with her Come Out. Since theirfirst encounter, hostile looks and cutting retorts have abounded whenever theymeet, yet she cannot deny the way her body reacts when he's near. So perhapsit's no surprise that upon overhearing another woman scheming to entrap Tristaninto marriage, Blythe risks all to warn him.

Haunted by childhood trauma, Tristan, the austere and controlled Marquis ofLeventhorpe, usually avoids social gatherings. So why, against his betterjudgement, does he agree to aid his closest friend in presenting the Culpeppersto the ton? Might it be because one Culpepper stirs more than his interest?Blythe taxes him to his limits with her sharp wit and even sharper tongue. Yet,he cannot deny the beauty fascinates him.

However,when an old enemy comes calling, using Blythe to settle old scores, Tristanmust decide if protecting his honor is more important than winning the heart ofthe woman he has come to love.

About the Author

USA Today Bestselling, award-winning author COLLETTE CAMERON® scribbles Scottish and Regency historical romance novels featuring dashing rogues, rakes, scoundrels, and the spirited heroines who reform them. Blessed with an overactive and witty muse that won’t stop whispering new romantic romps in her ear, she’s lived in Oregon her entire life. Although she dreams of living in Scotland part-time. A confessed Cadbury chocoholic, you’ll always find a dash of inspiration and a pinch of humor in her sweet-to-spicy timeless romances®.

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