Break Your Busy - Set Your Creativity Free : A Disruptively Simple Approach to Better Life and Time Management. Stop Procrastination and Be More Effective.

Genre: Non Fiction

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Book Summary

Change now. Unlock your time and creativity. We feel an inexplicable urgency to do more. We continually strive to be ever more efficient regardless of how effective this never-ending work we incessantly keep doing actually is.

We keep calling for better life and time management techniques to help reduce stress and overcome overwhelm so that we can continue to be yet more productive. Despite our best efforts these surface level solutions only provide temporary relief from the persistent undesirable symptoms of the High Definition Life context we are living. 

They do not and cannot address the deeper seated source of our mutual discord. They ignore the underlying cause of inner conflict that drives this incessant cycle of work for work’s sake. To solely use time management, motivation and anti-procrastination techniques to help you feel better, less stressed and more purposeful is like trying to keep the rain off with a sieve during a thunderstorm. You will get soaked and your life will still be riddled with Busy Work.

When fully connected to your creativity, in whatever form, there is no need for the sticking plaster of better time management. Your Real Work of the moment will be known to you. Resolving never-ending priority conflicts, being pulled from pillar to post, overworked and underpaid will become things of the past.

With this book, you’ll be able to quickly identify what Busy Work is for you and start using simple strategies to eliminate it from your life. When the dust settles you will find yourself doing what you want instead of trying to force yourself to do the things you don’t. You will feel more purposeful, fulfilled, happier and more in tune with your creativity and be willing to take action to bring it to life in the world, either at home, in your relationships, at work or in your business.

Prior to recognising the difference between Busy Work and Real Work I was disillusioned and unfulfilled with no hope of turning my ideas into reality. When I finally understood how to tell them apart I was rewarded with more time and energy with which to implement necessary changes in my life. The result? I was prepared for and available to my neglected creativity. All of a sudden my abandoned and stalled plans were set in motion again and personal success goals reached through consistent uninhibited action. Break Your Busy and yours can be too!

What Break Your Busy (BYB) has done for me:

I now only work only 2/3 the time I used to before BYB.

I have all but eliminated Busy Work from my life.
I no longer feel the need for motivation or procrastination.

I know what I’m doing and Why so get it done and enjoy the process.

I waste much less money, time, energy and focus than when I was pandering to Busy Work.

At least 80% of the work I actually do is what I call Real Work.

I have more time, space and energy for idea generation, exploration and implementation.

My mind is stronger, faster and more tuned to my creative instincts.

I am more in control of my thoughts, feelings and emotions and use them to my creative advantage.

I feel like I am giving more of myself to the world and living my gifts more authentically.

I'm clear on the Why, How and What of both my work life and personal life.

I'm able to keep re-mastering The Seven Works to enjoy a more balanced, productive, meaningful, fulfilling and happier life.

Download this book and in addition to the ebook edition you’ll also receive: 

The chance to have your burning questions answered in The Creativity Core community.

A Cheat Sheet and 3 Bonus Guides (Letting Go Explained, Why Generation and Change To Changed) to help you Break Your Busy simply, quickly and effectively.

This book is about 16,800 words.


Review Selection

'Time for a change. What a well-documented book makes you realise that to live life to the full you should live your life as you have always wanted to do but never achieved it up to now; perhaps now is the time!'

‘Well worth the read. I found this book very interesting and even at my advanced years, I could put the suggested practices to good use, well done, looking forward to your next publication.’

‘Highly recommended. A book one has to have read, especially if one is not able to enjoy his life even though it seems wonderful.’

‘Creative. This book showed me and emphasized on great creative tools and personal tactics that can help you through a variety of work skills.'

About the Author

Entrepreneur architect business owner suddenly quits his international creative agency and London home. Selling everything he moves to Thailand to find time, space and freedom to rediscover his creativity and allow his Real Work to emerge. He finds himself constructing a dinosaur on the beach, living in a cave and designing for the fun of it again. Most importantly he is compelled to write.

The outcome of his journey is a series of books that explain in detail why making significant life change amidst the High Definition Life technological revolution that is taking place all around us is now so imperative it is ignored or avoided at our peril.

His writing focuses on how to instigate positive change locally and globally. Leaving no stone of his personal journey unturned he candidly reveals, warts and all, what to expect in our internal and external world during this inevitable personal and impersonal metamorphosis.

The process of understanding and appreciating the conflicted life context and content inherent to this incoming change is covered in depth throughout his work. How to handle this transition from chaos into order and make it work for rather than against us is described through simple, unique and never before seen conceptual models that are readily applicable to our day to day lives.

The Work Life Wide Open Series, twenty years in the making, are practical, experiential and anecdotal guides to Finding Your Lost, Breaking Your Busy and Working Your Way back to your Creative Core, uncovering your Why and connecting with your Real Work.

Broadly Richard’s writing, training, coaching, marketing and business courses and programmes revolve around The Seven Works, his core conceptual and practical blueprint for successfully navigating the High Definition Life. This extensive body of work explores how we can improve both our individual lives and the greater whole through Conscious Change, Creativity, Connection and Communication.

Richard is a Rebirthing Breathworker, a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis and creative business marketing consultant and coach.

His Play Work includes Heli-Skiing, Snowboarding and dancing Argentine Tango.

Professional Career

Richard studied Architecture at Liverpool University and The Bartlett University College London (UCL). His professional career started with Nicholas Grimshaw and Partners (now GRIMSHAW) / Eden Project / Waterloo International Terminal / Berlin Stock Exchange.

He then went on to co-found Piercy Conner Architects (now Piercy&Company) / Turnmills / Martello Tower Y / East Village alongside graphic design and CG illustration and animation studio Smoothe. Richard and his partners also co-created the Microflat, the worldwide press and media phenomenon. Showcased with two live in Micronauts at Selfridges in Oxford Street, London the Microflat was heralded as the answer to London's escalating housing crisis.

Most recently Richard co-founded Design Week Top 100 creative agency Assembly Studios / Arab Film Studio / Battersea Power Station / ImageNation and The Creative Assembly / Creative Torbay / Creative Kirklees / Creative Somerset / Creative Hertfordshire / Creative Swindon / Creatives Across Sussex.

Now, Richard's focus is on writing and consulting on creativity within the High Definition Life through his creative publishing, marketing and business consultancy Fast Space.

He has held CEO, Managing Director and Creative Director positions for over 20 years.

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