Brides Of New Haven Series Box Set

Genre: Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Romance, Short Stories, Young Adult

Book Summary

Follow The Adventures Of Four Young Women Traveling West To Find A New Lease On Life And Love After The Civil War

New Haven, Connecticut - 1865

Book 1: Mail Order Bride Eleanor: Eleanor James is a young woman whose life has changed dramatically, thanks to the end of the Civil War. The North has been victorious and the men—those that have survived—are returning home in droves. Scarred by the horrors of war, they return to their broken lives to pick up the pieces—pieces that Eleanor and her closest friends have been holding on to while they have been away.

Suddenly, Eleanor and her friends have found themselves without jobs and without a certain future. Eleanor’s purpose is undecided; she can’t say what she wants from life, but when her dear friend suggests that the four of them make a pact to find love and adventure out on the frontier as mail order brides, sudden hope blazes brightly within Eleanor.

Might she find something so powerful as love? Can she take that risk? And if she does, will the dangers that await her be more than she bargained for?

Book 2: Mail Order Bride Delia: For four women, the Civil War has sparked a bout of change within them that cannot be ignored. For Delia Hennessey, it has created a passion for life that will not be denied. It is the reason that she convinces three of her closest friends to join her in contacting men across the country who have placed advertisements for mail order brides, hoping to find the ones who would be a part of each young woman’s next great adventure.

They will not travel together, but Delia isn’t afraid. She has been awaiting a great change for what seems like her whole life, and now it is within her grasp. When she answers the ad of a wealthy landowner in Wyoming, she is positive that she has met the perfect man–but when she arrives, things are not all as they seem.

Can Delia survive this abrupt change of events? And if she does, will she be able to satisfy her lonely, aching heart?

Book 3: Mail Order Bride Catherine: Two of Catherine Stuart’s three friends have already left New Haven to find love and adventure as mail order brides out west. Young Catherine has found love, too, and she is eager to go out west to Nebraska to meet her betrothed. But have his letters truly prepared her for the man she has yet to meet?

Laura, the only friend of their quartet remaining in town suggests not, but Catherine is too excited to listen to reason. An exciting life is waiting for her, and she cannot be bothered to wait.

She finds that her friend had a woman’s intuition not to be ignored, but is it too late? If she walks away, will she ever find love again? Catherine doesn’t know for certain, but her heart craves something that only the west can give her–and she can no longer wait for it to find her.

Book 4: Mail Order Bride Laura: The Civil War has just ended, and as the men return home and reclaim their jobs, Laura Masterson has found herself unemployed–and worse, forever without the man she had loved with all her heart.

Laura’s loneliness is compounded by the fact that the three friends she relied on the most to hold her up through these dark times have already left New Haven to find love out on the frontier. The four young women had agreed to go out west in search of love and adventure as mail order brides, but Laura has yet to leave.

She is torn, because she has received letters suggesting that these men might not be all they claim to be. She also worries that she will never find a man who can replace her beloved Elias, so she begins to correspond with a rancher who seeks a marriage of convenience.

When she outstays her welcome in her sister’s home, she realizes that she cannot delay her journey any longer, and Laura must accept that her life is about to change drastically. She can only hope that it is for the better.

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About the Author

Hope Meadow Publishing authors Charity Phillips and Faith-Ann Smith are dedicated to bringing you sweet, entertaining historical romance stories that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Our wholesome stories are set in the 1800s and tell the tales of mail order brides and their adventures out West.

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