Bridge to Us - A Second Chance Romance

Genre: Romance

For Fans Of

Nicholas Sparks, Jamie Beck

Book Summary

When her carefully manicured life falls apart, Julianne embarks on a journey of the heart and soul…
Julianne Garvoli is content being a devoted wife and pediatric nurse. This is her dream, but betrayal shatters her idyllic world, and her life spins out of control.

World-renowned photographer, Jokob O’Callaghan, lives a life most could only imagine, traveling the country with his wife—until cancer delivers a direct and devastating slam. Numb with grief, he walls himself off and focuses solely on his art.

When Julianne and Jokob cross paths at his art exhibit, sparks ignite despite their broken hearts. Yet fate seems determined to destroy their blossoming relationship.

Can they find a way to bridge their differences, in order to heal and follow their hearts? Can they learn to love again?

If you like second chance love stories, memorable characters, and heartfelt moments, then you’ll adore Jeanne Felfe’s touching tale.

Bridge to Us is part love story, part women’s fiction journey.


"...This satisfying novel has a traditional romance plot, but infuses it with a depth and introspection that keeps the story fresh. No space is wasted on tangents, and the plot comes to a gratifying climax." - The Booklife Prize 2017

“… left me speechless, white-knuckled and gripping the safety bar, yet all the while cheering …”—Heather Rexon, Editor

“… even the darkest moments of grief and heartbreak can be transformed through the redemptive power of love.”—Pat Wahler, Author of the award-winning I Am Mrs. Jesse James

About the Author

Jeanne Felfe (pronounced Gee Knee Fell Fee) often writes as if a storm is at her back. Perhaps that comes from growing up in hurricane country - Corpus Christi, TX. She loves to tell deeply emotional stories about life, love, family. On occasion, she'll go off on a lark and write a humorous piece. Since 2014, she's had more than 30 award winning short stories, essays, and poems published in a variety of anthologies. She serves as President on the board of her writer's guild, Saturday Writers.

Her debut novel, Bridge to Us, is a sweet love story. Jeanne completed her second novel, a story of overcoming prejudices, and is working on a third novel, a dramatic story of lost love, lies and family betrayal, and a screenplay. Jeanne is also working on two novels inspired by her 2017 trip to Tanzania and Rwanda. Several of her short stories ache to be novels. So yeah, she keeps her pen moving on the page.

Jeanne is a Texan by birth, but has resided in the St. Louis area since 1986, currently in St. Charles, MO, with her fiancé, and two dogs who believe they are tiny humans. She likes to say, "If you ever meet someone named Felfe, we ARE related."

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