Broken Dreams

Genre: Romantic Suspense Thriller

For Fans Of

James Patterson-my readers enjoy the short chapter style of my novels and the character development.

Book Summary

Tyler Daly and Abby Porter's lives are shattered in a terrorist attack at one of America's most popular locations ...Starbucks.
His injuries paralyze him from the waist down creating overwhelming medical and rehabilitation costs.

Tyler makes a deal with the devil, trading his extensive computer skills for the charity of the U.S. Homeland Security Department paying all of his medical and special living expenses.

But the devil wins out, and Tyler feels like a hostage to the agency.
He wants out, but the Department of Homeland Security can't allow it.
He's trapped.

In a game of cat and mouse played out in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, the streets of Denver, Poland, and South America, Tyler goes undercover to escape and find a new dream.


T.R. Sterns, Retired School Superintendent

National news media reports 8 dead and 14 "non-life threatening injuries" at the terrorist attack on Starbucks.

Seriously? Paralysis is a "non-life threatening injury?

What an impactfull way to begin a story. How many of us currently live in fear of another terrorist attack?
This book is another of Don Wooldridge's creative manuscripts with an exciting, twisting story that does touch each of our lives today.
His walk through the trauma of a terrorist attack and its impact on a young couple just embarking on life is so rich, so real.
As usual, Don's characters live and breathe on the pages; his research into locations and the medical aspects of spinal damage and rehab all bring creative reality to the intrigue and surprises readers find in the pages of another great work of turning life into fiction.

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About the Author

A multi-genre author, Don Wooldridge's characters live and breathe on the pages and his research brings creative reality to his stories. Don does great work of turning life into fiction.

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