Bunny: A Short-n-Sweet Romantic Comedy (Bow-Wow Bistro Series #1)

Genre: Romance, Short Stories

Book Summary

Bunny Cloverfield prioritizes pooches over partners.
Max Sheridan woos work, not women.
Can canines save a couple headed for the doghouse?

I already got rid of one boyfriend--
He spent more time playing games on his electronics than he did with my dogs and me.

Max and I met when he knocked me on the head with his backgammon case.
Not his best opening move.

From the moment my Flopsy spaniel gobbles up one of Max's backgammon checkers, to the fight over who gets to cuddle with whom, it's a roll of the dice as to who will end up winners (but one of 'em better be me)!

Bunny is a standalone, short-n-sweet novella. That means for 2 hours or more, there's no cheating, no explicit sex, and no hardcore cussing. There is a guaranteed happily ever after, with no cliffhanger.


"Bunny" is a very sweet romantic story and an afternoon quick read.

A light quick read chock full of canine capers and warm wit.

About the Author

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