Burn Book 3

Genre: Romance

Book Summary

Finally, with their reconciliation complete, Ava and Xander are moving forward with their lives together. They settle into everyday life and deal with the changes they will have to face while they prepare for their wedding and Ava’s budding career.

But a specter from their past lurks to destroy the happiness they have found.

Liam wants nothing more than revenge, and to get it; he will exact a plan that will leave them fighting for their lives.

Who will survive?


A wonderful finish to a great series, or at least it's my understanding it's the finale .......A page turner....Finished it in one day, needless to say I now have housework to catch up on lol.....Although I was glad that there were 'endings' for some things in the storyline, i hate that it's over ....Great job of writing Ms. Masucci :) ....Looking forward to more by this author...

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About the Author

MJ Masucci is a romance author of The Heat Series, Spark, Ignite and Burn. She lives in Southern New York with her husband and two precocious Siamese cats. She began writing short stories in college and putting ideas down on paper for full length novels. She enjoys all types of sports especially football.

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