Capturing the Ghost

Genre: Horror, Non Fiction, Suspense Thrillers

Book Summary

“It is an inside look into the long, painful process of acknowledging that while evil exists, beauty and love are out there somewhere as well, and victims of child abuse deserve to lay claim to it.” - David Tanner Lauka

In Capturing the Ghost, author David Tanner Lauka tells his own extraordinary story of healing through the lens of a tormented adult named Aaron and his inner child who forces Aaron to acknowledge and accept the physical and sexual abuse from his childhood.  Now in recovery and thriving, Lauka has created an organization to help other childhood trauma survivors to overcome fear through martial arts and uses this story to encourage others in their own PTSD recovery.

In this memorable true story, Aaron had always been a bit neurotic, but lately he was getting the feeling that he was being watched and that someone was coming for him. Ever since he met the Boy, his whole world was turned upside down. He realized that he was living a lie and was not sure if he was living in the past or present. The Boy takes Aaron on a two-year journey back in time, into a world that was too painful and brutal for him to endure before and faces the parts of his past that he was desperate to forget. As Aaron descends further into his childhood, he begins to lose his grip on reality and the will to live.

Capturing the Ghost is an autobiographical look at David Tanner Lauka’s battle to accept the physical and emotional abuse of his childhood, capture the ghosts of his past and reclaim his humanity. 

“This book is both gut-wrenching and beautiful. You see the ugliest and vilest of humanity as well as the triumph of the warrior spirit.” – Reader Review

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Notice:  This book contains graphic content and vivid descriptions of child abuse

About the Author

David Tanner Lauka is the founder of the Slaughterhouse Combat Team, a non-profit organization designed to equip trauma survivors to battle their fears through the martial arts. He is a childhood trauma survivor who suffers from PTSD and hopes to use his story to encourage others in their journey of healing.

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