Catherine III (The Lost Tsar Trilogy Book III)

Genre: Action Adventure, General Fiction

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Action, adventure, international, political, history, russia, fantasy

Book Summary

The time has come for the final showdown in the battle to see who rules all Russia. President Yuri Kostov is confident that Tsarina Stacey Godunov has accepted her fate in Oymyakon, when suddenly she disappears. She calls to tell him that she intends to come to Moscow and stage a coup on Christmas Day.
Stacey has the power of the people. Yuri has the power of the government. Who will win? The time has come to find out.
The chase is on as Yuri Kostov tries to stop Stacey and her band of rebels before they reach Moscow, but there are traitors along the way that he cannot identify. He expects Stacey to be hidden, but she keeps coming out into the daylight to spite him as she makes her way to Red Square, as the confident woman that she has become during her banishment to Siberia.
In an epic battle of wits and strategy, the two will lock horns and use whatever means and any person necessary to claim the right to rule. The chase by boat, train, and animal across Russia to Moscow will bring them to the negotiating table again.
Will the end game provide an elected President or a Tsarina ordained by God and church?
History vs. Modernity will end in a different world for the people of Russia, no matter the outcome. There can be only one ruler and that will be the person who gains ownership of "The Ring of the Queen." Will it be President Yuri Kostov or "Catherine III"? Find out in "Catherine III," book three of "The Lost Tsar Trilogy."

About the Author

I am Terri Dixon, Author of several books on Amazon, Kindle, Smashwords, and Inkitt. The Ring of the Queen, The Queen in Exile, and now Catherine III all in The Lost Tsar Trilogy. Also The Destiny Dream and The Terrorist's Game (Level 1).

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