Genre: Conspiracy Thrillers, Suspense Thrillers

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Chuck Palahniuk, Hunter Thompson, Gillian Flynn, Stephen King, Paula Hawkins

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Speed Kills
The Learjet spirals out of control, then crashes into the Pacific. Onboard, Celerity, young, rich, and the world's most famous female athlete. The world is stunned.
Recordings are discovered—a diary of her rapid rise to fame and fortune—her secrets revealed one by one.
Celerity usually comes in second at UCLA track—the first loser, her coach would say. But she is encouraged by her father, a botanist, her only parent. Then he dies unexpectedly. Now she is parentless and alone.
While wrapping up his affairs, she learns about his expeditions of discovery to the Darién jungle and a plant that transforms indigenous tribesmen into prolific hunters—and extraordinarily fast runners.
She takes a sabbatical from college and follows his work. After weeks enduring the tropics, she finds the plant—it's fifty feet tall—and carnivorous. She returns with its extract.
Training at her local high school, her speed is increasing, and people notice. A student times her in the 100 meters—she breaks the women's world record—videos go viral—and life will never be the same.
Approached by a flamboyant sports agent, he has a plan; there's no money in track… try out for the Chicago Bears as a wide receiver. Nobody can touch her.
Then the side effects kick in.


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About the Author

Scott Falcon is a new American author, debuted in 2020, writing cutting edge novels in different thriller genres.
Political Thriller: AMERICAN MUTT. A maverick journalist with a black hole past uncovers an invisible cabal bent on destroying American sovereignty. Five star reviews, the novel rose to the Top 100 in American Literature on Amazon within weeks of release, and to the Top 10 in Political Thrillers.
Technothriller: THRESHOLD. In 2040 technology stops working. All of it—except a mutant AI. Five star reviews, the epic novel hit #1 in Hard Science Fiction and #3 in Technothrillers on Amazon. It also made 14 other Bestseller lists.
Psychological Thriller: CELERITY: A mediocre college track athlete ingests a rare plant extract and becomes the fastest woman in history—and the first to play in the NFL.
Scott is an avid outdoorsman, a conversation advocate, and is a member/sponsor of Wild Oceans, The Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and Sea Shepard. Scott lives in Ventura, California. More information about Scott, including his fourth thriller, can be found on his website.
Fan Page: ScottFalcon.com/fan

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