Celtic Fire: Book One of the Guardians

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal Romance

Book Summary

Aislin Morrigan Flanery: Parentless and loveless, what else might she be?

In Nola, things are wild, in Scotland things are magical. She leaves her home to travel on a quest to find her father, only to be watched by evil. Drawn into a mythical war between those seeking power and those chosen to protect it, she will find out just how strong she is.

He is a Guardian, created to protect those that couldn't protect themselves. He is sent to find her, and discover her true intentions. However, he ends up finding so much more; destiny is funny that way.

Things are going to get very bad before they get better.

This is a full novel, 87,000 words. Book One of The Guardian Series

REMEMBER: Not all stories have happy endings!

Celtic Fire has some dark parts. There are graphic scenes.


Phenomenal!!! June 29, 2017
This novel has it all!!! True love, heartache, adventure, passion, danger, the Genesis of Pantheons!!! I could not put it down!!! The characters and plot are so well written that you are thoroughly invested in her fantasy world and dying to know what next?!!

Fantastic read! June 20, 2017
Fantastic read! I loved how you are brought to Scotland and can hear the accents when you read it. She gave just enough detail; not too much that it bores you, and not too little that you're wondering what the heck is going on. To have a look at legends and gods and her interpretation of how they came to be for all areas in the world was just amazing! The book was well rounded with the dark and light, good and bad scenarios. I highly enjoyed it and would recommend reading.

Inspired my desire to read again. June 13, 2017
I haven't actually read a book in years for pleasure. I decided I would give this a try. The first few chapters were very descriptive creating an excellent introduction to the characters. I finished the book from chapter 20 to the end last night. I couldn't put it down. I wanted to find out what was happening next. An excellent read. Thank you!! I look forward to to more!!

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About the Author

I am a mother, veteran, wife, and fangirl. I have a Graduate degree in Conflict Resolution. I love paranormal and science fiction. I live in Louisiana right outside New Orleans with my family and our 2 cats and dog.

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