Chained Melodies

Genre: Romance

For Fans Of

David Ebershoff Sarah Waters Patricia Highsmith Christopher Isherwood Thomas Mann

Book Summary

For fans of The Danish Girl, an extraordinary and award-winning transgender love story about self-belief and the true nature of courage. Best friends since childhood, life takes very different courses for Will and Tom when they leave school. Tom joins the army to become a MAN. Will goes to university and discovers he’s not. When Tom turns up on Will’s doorstep almost ten years later, he's disillusioned and broken after surviving Northern Ireland during the 1970’s troubles, and with a broken marriage and no future. Will, on the other hand, has just embarked on a completely new future for himself - in his case, a very different kind of self; a woman called Billie. As Will transitions from male to female, so the boyhood friendship between Tom and Will changes too. Initial shock and repulsion on Tom’s part becomes grudging respect, and eventually something quite different. But life – and falling in love – is never that simple; and especially not when it’s in the face of prejudice, fear and lost courage. Chained Melodies is the winner of a BRAG Medallion.


"...There aren't many stories about trans people out there, and very few good ones. This one is excellent, albeit with a caveat. Yes, it is literary, written as well as anything by Christopher Isherwood or Thomas Mann, two of my favorite LGBT writers..." Reviewer: Hans M Hirschi This story isn't a transgender love story. This is a love story that involves a transgender person. I think this story is great, it takes a look at the perspective of people's perceptions of transgendered people in the late 20th century and it makes you think about has that view truly changed today. Goodreads Reviewer "...the excellent prose carried this book. Martin has an amazing voice, and her wordplay and structure literally make this book as good as it is. The whole thing flows from start to finish, annihilating the passage of time as you read (which is how I got through 100+ pages without even considering how far I'd read). There is very little to jar the reader out of the story, and there was more than one place where I actively teared up and had to sit back..." Reviewer: The Rainbow Hub I did really appreciate how richly the character's lives were depicted and how visceral the time period was shown to be. People have real problems--mental illness, abuse, neglectful parents, alcoholism, hopelessness, illness, infertility. And I liked that these are realistic blue collar people. Tom joins the army then works in a factory. Nothing glamorous in that, but its real-life for so many people...I liked Will/Billie and Tom. I liked their slow realizations. I liked the depth of writing and the patience with which the plot progresses. Sadie Forsythe

About the Author

Even as a child I read avidly, working my way along the shelves in the local library until I’d run out of books. The love of literature continued into adult life, with a degree in English Literature and Fine Art. Now, with a miscellany of careers from finance to teaching, nursery management to event management, behind me, I still read voraciously but also now write with equal passion.

I'm a B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree ( for Patchwork Man, the first in my Patchwork People trilogy thriller series, self-published in 2014/15, and also for Chained Melodies (, the story of a transgender. I have now self-published seven fictional titles in total, plus a non-fiction book on writing. As well as writing full time, I also teach workshops on creative writing, and in 2014 was the Chair of literary festival.

I'm always delighted to swap newsletters with authors writing in similar genres to me - mystery/thrillers, literary fiction and writing theory. I also have books out on audio so audiobook promotion is of interest to me too.

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