Charlie Penfold: I'm The Girl

Genre: Humour, Romance, Young Adult

For Fans Of

Helen Fielding, Kirsty Greenwood

Book Summary

I used to be madly in love with my best friend, Dave.
The one that got away.
The best friend whose daughter is the apple of my eye.

I’m in love with my bestie's bosshole, Andrew.
The bosshole who can't help himself but stalk the hell out of my life.
The man who beats my father's worst enemies at their games.

And then... there's Sebastian.
The bad boy biker that tamed the sea and then held me captive in his flat.
The poser I broke my first rule with.

Oh, wait.
I almost forgot about the hundreds of other men gossiping and dozens of women waiting to tear me to pieces.
Because I wanted to teach an Italian billionaire a lesson by sticking my knickers into the map pocket of his car.
And also because I may have landed myself a dishonourable mention in a ladies' magazine.
That's the long story short.

About the Author

A gift shop owner and single mother by day, an author of stories with a nick of truth by night.

As a migrant child living in the UK, she brings you uncanny people to meet, places to see and cultures to explore. And don't get her started on music because you'll find quite the hits in her books too.

Every book is connected, so there's a whole new world to dive into.

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