Charlie the Spy - Charlie's Great Adventure #6

Genre: Children

For Fans Of

EB White, Bill Wallace, Carole Wallace, John Erickson, Judy Schachner, Skippy Jones

Book Summary

Can a cat save the world? Charlie is about to find out. When sinister forces try to interfere in the life of ordinary cats and the people they love, it falls upon Charlie to figure out what's happening and how to stop it. Who is behind this evil plan, and is the beautiful Ming one of the bad guys, or just an innocent victim? The action is non-stop as everyone's favorite cat ends up paw-deep in another wild adventure.


"I have had the pleasure of having the author come to two of my schools now and not only is she delightful but the students love her and her books! Great series!!! I have read it to all grade levels K-5! Wonderful for teaching point of view!" Arizona Teacher

"Amazing! So creative and suspenseful cute and funny! I usually am to lazy to write reviews but this book was so good that I just had to!" Alaskan Mom

About the Author

I am the author of 9 books starring Charlie the Cat, and a spin off of his friend Pepe the Chihuahua.

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