Charlie's Holiday Adventures - Charlie's Great Adventure #9

Genre: Children

For Fans Of

EB White, Bill Wallace, Carole Wallace, John Erickson, Judy Schachner, Skippy Jones, Scott Peters, Maxine Sylvester

Book Summary

What would a cat dress up as for Halloween? A vampire or werewolf? An astronaut or a rock star? Is the Easter Bunny really a dangerous creature that dogs need to guard against? Are Leprechauns real? What the heck is Arbor Day? Why doesn't Santa bring presents to pets? Join Charlie and his friends as they celebrate a full year of amazing holidays, filled with laughter, food, fun and adventure. Will Charlie fall in love on Valentines Day? What are Boom-booms? You'll crack-up as everybody's favorite cat find hilarious new ways to get into trouble.


5 Stars on Amazon

About the Author

I am the author of 9 books starring Charlie the Cat, and a spin off of his friend Pepe the Chihuahua.

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