Genre: Children

For Fans Of

Eloise by Kay Thompson, Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor, Olivia by Ian Falconer, Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

Book Summary

Charlotte loves to read. For Charlotte, there are countless places that fit the spot for gobbling up her favorite books. Whether flipping pages while in the golf cart with Dad, reciting a recipe to Mom, or even keeping her favorite story dry from bubbles in the tub, reading is the thing, no matter the place!


"This children's book should have a place on every bookshelf for early readers! The first few pages are much better than the Dick, Jane and Sally books I learned to read with! I can imagine parents reading this book with their early learners, and then as the story develops,and the words get more difficult, they may have to ask for some assistance. What a nice way to interact with your child. The illustrations are delightful; they make you want to know more about that sweet little girl with the BIG bow in her hair!!" - J. Rogers

"This is a wonderful story about a young girl and her passion for reading. The joy and imagination that reading can bring to a child is often overlooked in our current society. "Charlotte" will remind us all that a good book and a warm place to read is magical. Snuggle up with your little ones and share the love of reading with them." - JPreister

"This is a wonderful book to inspire new readers! reading is fun!!! I'd like to see the author, write another for boys, with a different goal." -Ross Phifer

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About the Author

Connecticut native, Kathryn Sherry, resides in Charlotte, NC. Charlotte is her first book. While the main character’s moniker is influenced by the city she considers home, the character of Charlotte is inspired by Kathryn’s childhood love of books and memories of her father reading her favorite stories two, sometimes three, times every night. Despite the oversized bows her mother would perch on her head as a child, Kathryn managed to peer out and read, taking that passion to Lynchburg College where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Her passion for children’s literature and writing led to working in publishing in New York and later a return to school to obtain a Masters in Elementary Education. Now in her eighth year of teaching, Kathryn nurtures her kindergarten students’ imagination and love of reading every day.

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