Chateau of Love - trilogy

Genre: Action Adventure, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance, Romance

For Fans Of

Judith McNaught, Julie Garwood, Lauraine Snelling and Jane Austen

Book Summary

Monica Bentley makes history sexy.

France, 1350s

English King Edward III's wars of conquest in France provide the glittering backdrop for this thrilling, moving series of three heroines – a kitchen scamp, a countess, a witch – who grow to positions of power in this male-dominated culture of the Middle Ages.

Chateau of Desire, Book 1

Inside Chateau Brionde, the Guard practice daily, preparing for an inevitable attack by legendary condotierre leader Bertrand du Guesclin.

The youngest member, Louis - ward to the Master of the Guard – dreams of becoming a true warrior. He also dreams of the kitchen scamp Phoebe, who grows more beautiful with each passing day.

Young love's first blush finds these two resourceful orphans relying on each other when no one else trusts their lowly position.

When the fateful battle finally arrives, choosing whom to trust means life or death.

Chateau of Longing, Book 2

m'Lady Lela, Countess of Brionde, has survived the bloody sack of Chateau Brionde. Her husband did not.

Far from enjoying freedom, however, she lives with the daily expectation of a Summons from the King. She will be ordered, she knows full well, to marry for the security of the realm, turning over all of her lands and her person to a new lord and master.

All too soon now the horns and drums of war call the allies of the King to a village called Poitiers.

All are called to their duty. What will she do?

Chateau of Passion, Book 3

In the aftermath of the carnage at Poitiers, the Prince Dauphin takes charge, scheming to hold the reins of power. He requires lands to tax and warriors for action. Most of all, he needs peace to rearm.

Thus, with no battles imminent, knights find other ways to get in trouble. Bored ladies of the land invite the gallants to their night chambers. Sir Tristen knows he shouldn't. Yet, how can he resist?

The only one he can resist, so far, is the witch Tempeste, deep in the forest imprisoned in her own tower. Spell after spell she weaves, waiting for that day when he will become hers, forever.

These separate strands become inextricably intertwined, creating a darkly passionate tale of life and love in medieval Francia.


What drives you as a writer of history?

The story of people – their passions, flaws, redemption. No matter what time or place, we have the same dreams and nightmares.

What draws you to medieval France?

The pageantry, ambition, intrigue between nobles and royalty. Edward III looms large for Cressy and Poitiers, his bete noir being du Guesclin, one of the first practitioners of asymmetrical warfare. It's a wonderful stage on which to mount a story readers return to repeatedly.

Your heroines find their strength through their femininity.

The root of a woman's power lies in her sexuality. Though doomed to a society designed to keep them in the background, Emma of Normandy, Eleanor of Aquitaine or Elizabeth I come forward by using their sexuality to render men weak in the knees.

What sources of inspiration did you use?

Chroniclers Venerable Bede, Chaucer and Froissart, philosophers Aquinas, Bonaventura, and Teresa d’Avila, and classical and medieval historical and military authorities. Fencers will recognize my thrill of the fight.


“a slice of life as it was long, long ago in France.”

“Lots of political intrigue, plenty of chivalry, and an attention to detail that is rare in historical novels.”

“I read a lot but I seldom leave reviews because most books just fade to the back of my mind. This series is not basic and has stuck with me and keep me coming back until the end. Don’t miss out on these books.”

About the Author

Monica Bentley is a lover of history, historical romance, and a thumping good yarn. Whether consulting ancient authorities such as Aristotle, medieval chroniclers like Froissart or spelunking modern questions with the Encyclopédistes, when it comes to crossed swords, court politics, and wounded hearts, she never fails to swoon with abandon. We invite you to swoon with her.

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