Cliff Diver

Genre: Mystery

For Fans Of

The Detective Emilia Cruz series sits on the same shelf with international police procedural series by Ian Rankin, Jo Nesbo, Ann Cleeves, Peter May, Louise Penny, Donna Leon, and Jussi Adler-Olsen. Fans of Don Winslow's cartel and border thrillers set in Mexico will also want to read the Detective Emilia Cruz police series.

Book Summary

The debut of the Detective Emilia Cruz series set in Acapulco pits the first female police detective in town against cartels and corruption.

Emilia is unexpectedly assigned to investigate the murder of her own lieutenant. He was as corrupt as only a Mexican cop can be and she soon uncovers his sordid sexual past as well as his role in a kidnapping double-cross and counterfeit money scheme. Soon another cop becomes her prime suspect.

Feeling like one of Acapulco’s famous cliff divers hoping not to crash on the rocks below, Emilia must choose between truth and survival. But no matter what choice she makes, she won’t be ready for the shock of the water . . . and neither will you.


"A thrilling series" -- National Public Radio

"Consistently exciting . . . A clever Mexican detective tale that will leave readers eager for the series' next installment." -- Kirkus Reviews

"A wonderful crime mystery . . . Of course I picked up the second book right after reading the first." --

2019 Outstanding Series award, CRIMEMASTERS of AMERICA

About the Author

Carmen Amato is a retired Central Intelligence Agency intelligence officer using 30 years worth of counterdrug and espionage experience to craft intrigue-filled crime fiction, including the Detective Emilia Cruz police series set in Acapulco.

A recipient of both the National Intelligence Award and the Career Intelligence Medal, Carmen is also a survivor of three earthquakes, a train derailment, and a scuba diving encounter with a lionfish.

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