Climbing Dracula's Mountains 01 Bucegi: Rock Climbing Adventures and Tales in the Carpathians

Genre: Non Fiction

Book Summary

Climbing Dracula’s Mountains: Bucegi– Rock Climbing Adventures and Tales in the Carpathians is the first in a series of three e-books committed to bring into focus and familiarize the English-speaker tourist with the numerous exciting possibilities the Romanian Carpathians offer in terms of rock climbing, adventure and extreme sports.
This book series feature comprehensive terrain explanations, covering almost all of the Carpathian Mountains.
Whether you are an expert climber or just an enthusiastic beginner, you will find yourself stimulated by the tales of extreme dangerous moments the climbers face rappelling from an overhang or searching for a grip point inside a narrow chimney. You will get tangled into ropes and cordelettes, frantically reaching for your hammer and pitons or for piolets and carabiners. There is a basic coverage of the techniques and methods and also about the technical skills and equipment needed in order to start your climbing Endeavour.
Experience the freedom, the drama and the joy of mountaineering, traveling alongside I.C., a veteran climber, extreme adventurer and athlete, as he unravels the beauty of the Romanian Mountains. Based on his diaries and journal notes, the series contain the dynamic accounts of route pioneering, the search for alternate circuits and the explorations of various peaks and rock walls. Sometimes alone, sometimes accompanied by fellow climbers and friends, I.C. recounts his moments of extreme living with passion and a certain poetic view.

Climbing Dracula’s Mountains
Book #01: Bucegi
Bucegi Mountains, the most visited highlands area in Romania, feature deep glaciated valleys which cut through a horseshoe shaped alpine plateau, ice valleys, spectacular quays carved in limestone, astounding walls made up of conglomerates, where the acrobatic climbing can be practiced, sharp towers, airy slabs that allows the climbing of the walls through sites of an unparalleled picturesque, and weird formations due to the differential erosion and many others.
This mountain range extends from east of the "Dracula's Castle" region (Bran) to the ski resorts of the Prahova Valley. Bucegi Mountains are also known for their colorful diversity in plants. Most foreign visitors are amazed about the enormous variety of wildlife and plants in Romania. You will find all kind of orchids, gentians, campanulas and 12% of the plants are endemic to the Carpathian Mountains. Here you can also encounter the brown bear and the wild black goats, amongst the few remnants of wildlife left in Europe.
Bucegi Mountains is an epicenter for climbers, being accessible by train and by car from the nearest airport in Bucharest (92 miles).You can hike to the highest top, the Omu Peak at 2505m or take a roundtrip through the beautiful nature reserves. Taking the cable car to the plateau at Busteni, you will be arriving near the wonders of nature called “Babele” and “The Sphinx” and from there you can also visit the Heroes Cross that overlooks the valley at Busteni, offering a fabulous sight.

This first book covers all major climbing circuits and places in Bucegi Mountains, telling the tales of pioneering routes through most magnificent places. Wrote in first person, the book offers a very personal insight of the rock climbing experience throughout Alba Valley, Coştila or Malaesti Valley.

About the Author

Adrian V. Proca is an enthusiastic nature scholar and passionate adventurer. His homeland, Romania, offers a wide variety of activities like mountaineering, fishing, hunting, bird watching and so on that is very attractive for the tourists, as well as for the locals.
Adrian is a botanist by profession and in this capacity he has traveled intensively, mostly across his country, but also across the European continent.
Hobbies: observing nature, rock climbing, fishing, trekking, writing.
His favorite quote is: “Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience,” by R. W. Emerson

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