Cold City

Genre: Mystery, Suspense Thrillers

Book Summary

Aboriginal legal aid lawyer Jessica Harper is in deep, with an entire city howling for her client's head. A prominent oilman has been murdered, gunned down in the snowy Canadian winter night and left on a dead-end street. But the victim had secrets, and a deep list of enemies. Jessica's getting help from a former football player-turned-investigator, but both have their own demons to battle. A man's life is on the line, and only they can save him.


An important new legal thriller with a crusading heroine at its center that you can't help but root for... Thomson's Edmonton is fully tactile, complete with boozy cop bars, precarious winter roadways and pessimism you can cut with a knife -

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About the Author

LH Thomson is the best-selling author of the Liam Quinn Mysteries.

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