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Ever wondered what it's like to spend time in prison for helping not harming. This book may give an insight into the harm done by the system and how it could be changed to bring out the goodness.
In 1972 a small group of Britsh students set out in a cheap van with little money to travel to Turkey and two of them on to India through countries few visit as tourists or travellers today - from Turkey, through Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan,
Would you enter into a long forgotten mansion? One that many forgot where it was... ...but know its haunted. Once inside A game has started Between the living and the dead. The prize... ...your friend.
Collection of poems that was written by Anne McBride Eveland of love, fantasy, nature, and so much more. Titles such as: Pathway to Life Summer's Shore Ireland The Opera House Just to name a few.
“This must be some dream,” whispered Lyra. Lyra Luhr has traveled from the year 2003 to 836 A.D. by a fierce lightning storm which was controlled by a Norse God. Who sent her to meet a man that the God had picked for her husband. While another God puts the man through unbelievable tests. As well as her own journeys in a world that is unlike her own. Varg Drake is not all he seems to be. A man who is a Celtic/Viking. There is more to him than just a name.
Writers Federation of New Brunswick award winning short story for the children/ young adult category, Blood Day was created out of a looming deadline, a bit of encouragement and dedication to writing a story. I've always been told we all bleed red, take breaths, and die if poisoned so I often wondered why I wasn't dead yet. In this glimpse of the life of someone who just isn't what the books say she should be, we try to understand what it means to be human, a person and fit in with the...
Danielle a naturalised British Citizen starts a business with a trusted elder brother Abnna. Soon she is enmeshed in a web of black juju witchcraft, troubled marriage, betrayal, fraud, continuous legal battle, and police intervention. Is she fully fortified for the supernatural horror which unleashes its venom on her?
As a young nun at the Corpus Christi Home for Girls, Marva Garcia has always leaned on the Everlasting Arms for wisdom and strength to meet the day-to-day challenges of mentoring delinquent girls. But when her beloved adoptive father is killed during a Muslim coup, Marva sees her orderly world crumbling around her. As she tries to hold her family together, Marva is increasingly drawn to another pair of arms that had been there for her all along. Can she love a man and still love God?
This book is for non-fiction writers and authors looking for ways to use video to market their work and sell more books. Many non-fiction authors who see the huge potential in video marketing are keen to use video or increase their video output, but often are unsure what to make videos about. This book gives you 21 ideas for video content to help you boost your book marketing efforts and increase sales.
Terrified that the police will one day arrest her for the murder of her father, Marva sees suicide as her only option. But before she can carry out her carefully-laid plans, something terrible happens – something that uncovers her closely guarded secret and leaves her groping in the wilderness. Will Marva now be punished for her crime, or will she receive forgiveness and understanding?


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