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Imagine what the galaxy would look like if the Victorians had rediscovered space flight. Would any pirate worth his salt settle for raiding a small patch of islands like the Caribbean when he could have an entire star system instead? Most accomplished ladies excel in art, music, and dance. Not that such skills helped Faith Earnshaw survive exploding spaceships, planetside skirmishes and a lack of nineteenth century plumbing.
What would the Victorian era look like if they had “rediscovered” space flight? Would the British have any interest in establishing trade with the country of Japan if they could occupy an entire Japanese planet?
What would the Victorian era look like if they had “rediscovered” space flight? Would the British really be interested in colonizing the continent of America if they could colonize an entire planet? Imagine a Neo-Victorian alternate history romance set on a shogun-like planet. Felicity is a young lady betrothed to a British noble of rank and fortune who will someday inherit a space station. Her life should be happy and perfect. Alas, she fears she will never achieve happiness—or wholeness—until...
‘Mindfulness maze: miracles of the mind’, where science and spirituality meet, can help you with just about every relationship in your life, from work, to your soulmate and especially your relationship with yourself. A methodology is presented that research shows has stopped relapse for those who suffer from depression. Are lucid dreams real, or is lucidity itself the real dream? Could science have finally found the human soul, as part of the mirror cell network?
In the English County of Surrey, a vengeful Palestinian migrant finally receives the call to Jihad he’s been longing for. His mission is a simple one – kill as many as you can. In London, a desperate police officer finds himself cut off and alone, as deadly terror attacks ripple across the city, killing thousands and spreading chaos and fear. The United States Ambassador, trapped inside his London embassy, is forced to make the toughest decision of his life as Jihadis storm the building in an...
One vision changed Terry Shaw's life. She has been able to see the past since childhood, using her unique abilities to help victims of violence. But nothing could prepare her for the piece of the past that wasn't content to stay in the shadows. One night changed Claire Shaw's future. Claire was the only "normal" one in her family and had run as far as possible from a legacy she wanted no part of. Graduating college was supposed to be Claire's next big adventure. But that adventure was ripped...
The highly anticipated sequel to The LOOK is here! "When last we met, I was in the knotty center of a dilemma. Assassins converging in my home. My beloved D celebrating a birthday. Fecundity and fragility contending, pushing me to confront a menace hellbent on wrecking my nest. I'm no longer content to be passive. Life and death together burgeon in me, and I am going to figure this out." -Amie in The POWER of Amie Martine
Flaws, physics, mystics and lots of chilled Reyka converge on an anti-healer's twisted path of self-discovery. THE LOOK OF AMIE MARTINE is a novel set in Phoenix, L.A., Iceland, 13th century Persia and the fields of Elysium. "Every few pages, there's a line that cracks me wide open. Or an experience that is exactly as I experience things. Or a way of describing something that fits precisely something I've been trying to understand, or at least hoping I'm not the only one who sees it that way...
Dalliances, flirtations, liaisons? Aye. But marriage? Nae. Spies dinna wed. Betrothed four times. Gwendolyn McClintock has resolutely slammed the door on romance and marriage. Intent on beginning a new life, she sells her beloved familial home in America and totes her orphaned niece and nephew to Scotland’s Highlands. But the grand adventure she promised becomes a tangled muddle when her coach accidentally runs down a powerful laird’s much-too-attractive, far-too-brawny brother.


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