Colours of Life

Genre: General Fiction

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Hello Don't go out Nothing is more precious than life We will Win. We are Human. God bless you all. Shun Ego, Paste Smile, Be Positive, Have Empathy, Help others and you will fell Happy. Only body will become old but your Soul will remain Young. Never give up. This book has fourteen interwoven stories and the tag line I mentioned above. While going through this book you will not become bored.

Book Summary

Life is a colourful magic
Enticing, alluring, tantalising and exciting
every word, every sentence, and every paragraph
are person centric
Bed dolls tell about physio-chemical nature of
Outer sphere of human beings but
It exposes the loneliness and emptiness at
Personal level
Life is a colourful magic
Karma centric
Do good, get good
Your face and body will become old
But your soul will ever remain young
Be human, shun ego

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