Coming Out of Egypt

Genre: Christian, Romantic Suspense Thriller

Book Summary

Coming Out of Egypt tells the story of two sisters, Marva, seventeen and June, thirteen, sexual abuse victims trying to forge a new life for themselves after Marva accidentally kills her father. This incident gives Marva the fresh start she'd hoped for, but it also brings with it a host of problems: the police are on her trail, June's blossoming sexuality, and coping with sexual harassment on the job. The stress drives her to drink and into more fights. In the midst of all this comes Cicely, Marva's former teacher, who patiently mentors the girls and leads them to Christ. But Cicely has problems of her own, and as Marva watches her deal with and overcome heartbreak, she begins to understand the true meaning of love, forgiveness and faith in a God who can bring her "out of Egypt."


Coming Out of Egypt is a compelling, yet bittersweet tale of romance, love, betrayal, and forgiveness. Two women in the tale share the common bond of very dark secrets, which both fear could destroy them. One finds solace in Christianity, while the other finds relief by fleeing from her hometown in Trinidad. The journeys both women take with their family, loved ones, co-workers, and friends engage and uplift readers, especially those who have struggled with one of life's most difficult challenges, which is the challenge to forgive those closest to you. The story offers a wonderful glimpse of life in Trinidad in 1982, and readers are offered perspectives of those living by modest means and struggling with daily challenges. I picked up the book and found it difficult to put down. I encourage you to purchase a copy and to read it more than once!
Stephanie Thompson

About the Author

Angela is the author of the Egypt series, three women's fiction books dealing with the psychological effects of sexual abuse. Angela is the mother of four and grandmother of the five loveliest grandchildren in the world.

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