Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents (AoL Mindfulness Book 5)

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Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents by Nataša Pantović and Ivana Milosavljević (Md Special Needs), AoL Mindfulness #5, a "Green-Lifestyle" Training designed for parents with plenty of Questionnaires and Family exercises. We explore the magic work with: Rhythm, Day-to-day Routine, Happy Family Structure, Cultivating Relationships, etc. We look into parenting goals, dreams, and creativity tools for kids. Size: 228 pg 8” x 10”


There is no such thing as an ideal parent but there is a possibility to create an ideal growing environment for our children. Love, freedom, rhythm, routine, help our little ones grow into happy and inspired adults. The Alchemy of Love Conscious Parenting Course is full of inspiring daily and weekly exercises and tools that reminded me at all times to come back to love as the guiding principle for parenting. The exercises were fun to do with my kids and during the course we created a very special rapport that was full of fun, creativity and sharing.
I have two kids, one who is 4 and the other 16, and when I am not being a university professor in my professional life, I spend a lot of time as their personal taxi driver taking them from one activity to the other -- so there were areas within my life that I needed to protect with my partner and my friends. These were the areas that I struggled with most throughout the course. Finding the time for deeper contact with my loved ones remained a great challenge, but at least I became aware that I have a problem that needs my attention. When defining my true goals in this area, I kept coming back to this issue -- so I know I need to create space and time within my life for deeper contacts with my partner, friends and family.
The parenting is very demanding, and I agree with Nuit that it is (probably!) the most difficult job in the world, so I am very happy to have come across this course and that I had enough willpower to stick with it for the full 12 weeks. If you're into this kind of thing, I would look for more stuff from this author!
Highly recommended!

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About the Author

== Artof4Elements ==

AoL (Art of eLements) Research into Mysticism Art and Ancient Worlds. Applied Psychology & Philosophy from Tao to Neo-Platonism to Jung to deeper understand Intuitive Wisdom & Pure Ratio. In search of Language of God exploring symbols & sound frequencies

AoL publishes books, audio, and video materials in the areas of Ancient Worlds, Comparative Religion, Symbolism, Spirituality and Art, Inner Alchemy, and Consciousness Research We have published the AoL Mindfulness Series of 9 fiction and non-fiction books by 7 authors focusing on spiritual growth, creativity and higher states of consciousness. A series of many genre's, including poetry, personal development, historical fiction, the world of ''AoL Mindfulness'' explores numerous self development...

== Nataša Pantović ==

Applying Quantum Physics to manifestation of Consciousness researching Ancient Psychological aspects of Alchemy & Chinese, Greek, Hindu Philosophers, the compilation of 9 AoL books: 2 fiction and 7 non-fiction explore Symbols, Mysticism, Arts, Creativity, Consciousness & Beauty:Nataša Pantović is a Maltese / Sebian management consultant working in the United Kingdom and Malta. She has a BSc in Economics, and she has written several books on mindfulness and many articles on personal growth topics for the Times of Malta. She has more than 25 years of experience working with large management consulting companies and consulting independently for various Maltese government organizations and for major clients including Vodafone, Hyder Cardif, and Safeway UK.

in 1991 published her first Legal Advise on Cooperative Law book: Contracts for Companies and Individuals, in Yugoslavia. The author of 9 AoL Mindfulness Books published by Artof4Elements.

The early eMalta years saw a heavy investment by Government in its ICT infrastructure to transform Malta into an Information Society. As Management Consultant working within the MEU, in the Office of Prime Minister, Nataša worked on large number of management and HR consulting projects throughout the various Ministries and Government Institutions.

After helping Father George build a school in a remote area of Ethiopia, Nataša entered the most amazing world of parenting adopting two kids from Ethiopia as a single mum.

While heading a large UK IT company (Crimsonwing, later KPMG) that has set-up its operations in Malta, she was in charge of its Management Consultancy, Training, and Business Development, expanding the company's markets in Europe, and has been invited by Malta Enterprise, to promote Malta as a European near-shore IT outsourcing destination.

Nataša has traveled through more than 50 countries and lived in 5: UK, New Zealand, Holland, Serbia and Malta. As a volunteer she organized six Body Mind Spirit Festivals in Malta, an International Vegetarian Festival, a Children Festival, and 10 days Temples Conference. She regularly writes about variety of self-development themes.

Since 2015 she has released the AoL Series of 9 books, published by Artof4elements, by 7 Authors.

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