Cursed Wartime

Genre: Fantasy, General Fiction, Mystery

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Book Summary

Cursed Wartime is an epic fantasy Novel. 241 pages of action, adventure and mystery.

In the war-torn land of Mangrove, where people are cursed with extraordinary ability’s, three forces battle for supremacy. Pirates to the East, Rebels to the South, and the Strongholds united divisions at the centre of it all.
The wheels of wartime are set in motion when the mysterious circumstances surrounding the murder of a high-ranking Lord are investigated, revealing betrayal and deceit on all sides.
Those of us with cursed power must fight to decide the fate of this world, and for me, that meant becoming a Lord and making a stand.
Darkness rises in the South, lurking across the continent, and behind it, stands the shadowy figure of a demon. . .

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About the Author

Adam Smith from Somerset, UK, is a Fiction writer working under the pseudonym of A.G Smith. He is a manuscript editor, a lover of all things super powered, and above all else, he is a dad to a superhero son.
In his spare time, he works out and challenges himself physically, whilst working on his books. He loves to learn, about anything and everything. He has a passion for cost accountancy, watching anime, and reading epic novels. And, in his not so spare time, he works with autistic adults, helping them with a variety of complex needs.
Adam is always pushing himself past his limitations, often saying, ‘the only thing you ever need to be, is better than yourself.'

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