Genre: Action Adventure, Conspiracy Thrillers, Suspense Thrillers, Young Adult

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Karen McManus, Sara Shepard, Jessica Brody,

Book Summary

Hot pink hair can't hide you from high-tech hitmen.

A timid and lonely sixteen-year-old girl hides from bullying in her dream world of dashing master spy dolls, Katy Perry Barbies, and Hello Kitty dresses. And she hacks her way across the Net behind the avatar of a six foot four hunk with the handle Cowabunga Dude.

A video of a president provoking nuclear war falls into her laptop and rocks her pink paradise.

Intent on liquidating anybody who knows too much, high-tech henchmen pursue her and her friends. When the clandestine worlds of hacking and military technology collide with her secret crush, Cowabunga faces the toughest decisions of her young life.

Love or War?

Enjoy this thrilling adventure where an underdog faces prejudice and fear to save her country and herself.

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"Cyberspiracy is stellar. I see the movie in my mind when I think about his story line and unforgettable characters. I cannot recommend this author more highly. This man can write."—Toni K Pacini, Author ~ Poet ~ Storyteller ~ Speaker

"I absolutely love that the protagonist is a young woman who kicks ass in the world of computer coding and has a hand in saving the free world by making sure that democracy stays intact while falling in love, These stories are an important and empowering voice that deserve to be added to the landscape of the Young Adult canvas."—Valerie J Runyan, Author, Quandaries of Love

About the Author

Special Author in Charge and transmedia storyteller Wolf O'Rourc mines his years in cybersecurity and fascination with politics and finance to create stories pitting quirky characters with high-tech gadgets against evil villains with vile weapons.

* His Zazztra series follows a Vegas casino host turned superheroine through the sordid underbelly of crime at home and abroad.

* Wolf's Cyber series explores the secret world of bits and bytes through the eyes of a pink-haired hacktress.

His technothrillers reflect the 23 places he has lived and studied the polyglot people that populate his fiction.

In real life, he frequents the Henderson Writers Group, the Romance Writers of America, Sin City Writers Group, and the Las Vegas Screenwriters Group. On the Net you'll find him at or WolfORourc at the fashionable social media channels.

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