Cynthia Queen of Hearts

Genre: Young Adult

For Fans Of

Hi This 3rd and last book of Cynthia series. It will keep you engrossed during loc down.

Book Summary

Cynthia takes us to the happenings of Casting Couch.
Cynthia is a woman of a new generation; she never hides her sexual desires but never falls in a wrong trap. She is a happy-go-lucky girl, beautiful, who ignites the fire in lookers.
Cynthia looks beautiful adorable and cuddle-some in street but in bed she is………
Sex is an important part of human life.

Passions that lurk within us remain hidden beneath a veneer of normalcy get exposed under tempting situations.

In private life most of the people try to try out their sexual fantasy. Couples experiment together in different ways in their bedroom.
Older people always love the company of a young, beautiful woman. Because of their age and physical condition, they seldom satisfy their partner’s sexual urge and extramarital affairs comes into play.

About the Author

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