Dana's Duo

Genre: Romance

Book Summary

Dana's been crushing on Drew Fischer for as long as she's been working at his company. His gorgeous Head of Security, Lex Bradshaw, occupies no few of her dreams as well. But even in her wildest dreams, she never expected to be propositioned by both of them - together!

A 22,000 word novella containing lots of hot two-on-one action as Dana gets all her wildest fantasies fulfilled, and discovers some new kinks she never even knew she had.


Dana's Duo is amazingly hot, and manages to top Caitlyn Lynch's previous offerings, which is a feat in and of itself (if you haven't read Hot for Heather or the Ranger Heat trilogy, you're SO missing out! Go read 'em!). Lex and Drew are a dream, the sex is hot, and Dana is well drawn while still leaving enough room for a reader to project onto her-- I mean, really, what else do we read smut for? ;)
Unfortunately I can't rate this a million stars, so five will have to do.


Dana's Duo is a passionate plateful of sexy MMF. A very enjoyable hour of reading, snappy dialogue, a bit of danger, and two men who I would LOVE to have as my bosses. Dana is sassy, smart, and displays commonsense in a crisis, which I really enjoyed. Sex is the centerpiece of this well-written story, and I would have liked more backstory on the characters, which for me is the hallmark of a job well done by the author.

About the Author

I'm an Australian mother of two who writes steamy romances and loves to read and blog about books.

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