Dark Curse (Deamhan Chronicles #2)

Genre: Paranormal, Urban Fantasy

For Fans Of

Anne Rice, Bella Forrest

Book Summary

The Deamhan world is in disarray. Freed from Limbo, Lucius, the once feared and Ancient Lugat, goes on a killing spree to wipe out any remaining traitors in the city of Minneapolis. Meanwhile, The Brotherhood's return along with the growing population of vampires riles up the remaining Deamhan who choose to stay behind rather than abandon the city.

The body count continues to pile up forcing both humans and Deamhan to pick a side. Either allow Lucius to free the Pure Ones, the first living Deamhan from Limbo, or take him out and cripple their already fragile presence in the city.


I cannot wait for the next book in the series! I know from this book it is just going to be mind-blowing greatness!

Book one had me hooked. Book two was a fantastic addition to the world and I cannot wait to dive into book 3!! This author does phenomenal world building and juggles complex characters easily. I love it!!

About the Author

A veteran of the Armed Forces, Isaiyan Morrison was born and raised in Minneapolis.
Her passions include writing, reading, and researching historical events.

She also spends her time gardening, playing video games, and hanging out with her three cats and beloved Pitt bull.

She's the author of The Deamhan Chronicles and the novel, Old Farmer's Road.

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You can also find her at:
Website: http://isaiyanmorrison.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/isaiyanmorrison

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