Daughter of Odysseus: Ithaka Calling

Genre: General Fiction

Book Summary

Daughter of Odysseus is a trilogy journeying the adventures of Christine.
Ithaka Calling is the first in the Daughter of Odysseus trilogy.
Teenage Christine stands at the threshold of adulthood. A first-generation Australian of Greek descent, Christine has always been indifferent to her heritage: Greek school is a bore; her father’s patriotism is uninspiring; and the people around her deride Greeks as subhuman.
Then Christine is betrayed by those closest to her, and she plunges into deep depression. From the abyss of despair and nihilism, something stirs within her: a deep desire to reclaim her heritage and find meaning and fulfillment through the tradition and spirituality of her ancestors.
Paralleling the great Odysseus’ journey home, Daughter of Odysseus is not merely a story of homecoming; it is a story of hope over despair, of adventure and love, of needing to belong and a yearning to escape from mundanity; of deep spiritual yearning in a post-Christian world.
Christine learns and grows with every step in her journey. And she can’t help but wonder: Is it the destination that is the goal or the journey and what one learns along the way that truly matters in life?


Daughter of Odysseus - Ithaka Calling: Could not put it down, and having begun this journey with Christine, I was devastated to read the words "to be continued". Hoping the next installment of this trilogy is not too far away as I can't help but feel like the adventure has only just begun!

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About the Author

I was born in Australia of Greek heritage, a first generation Greek-Australian and strongly shaped by my Greek cultural heritage as well as my Australian upbringing.
I am a person of the Diaspora; a member of an ancient community forced to leave a homeland due to economic instability. The quest for riches in the New Land was too great a temptation for my people; many left land and kin for the better life.
Whether they obtained this better life is, of course, highly subjective.
Grief, depression and creativity are inextricably connected for me. I started writing fiction as a form of therapy—to help me deal with that nihilistic agony that plagues me. Writing is my voice in a world that doesn’t seem to care and that engages in the superficial and the trivial. Well, certainly in my eyes.
I have a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor and Honours of Theology and a Diploma of Education. I entered the chaotic world of high school teaching and, after many fruitful and maddening experiences, left it. For good? Only time will tell.
My fiction and non-fiction writing reflect my Greek-Christian heritage as well as my love for poetry, literature, theology and history in general.
In the last ten years, I have been working on a novel that traces a young woman’s journey back to the motherland (Greece) and is largely based on my experience.
This novel will now become a three-part book series, with the first two parts of Daughter of Odysseus now available.

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