Dead Like Stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy

For Fans Of

Anne Rice, Stephen King, and Samantha Shannon.

Book Summary

“Underworld meets Dark City with a dash of romance. At the intersection of urban fantasy and science fiction, this gothic vampire alien mashup delivers a different kind of vampire.” D. S. Murphy, Author of The Scarlet Thread.

Everyone knows there’s no such thing as monsters. 

But that’s a lie. We’re surrounded by them, and not just human monsters: vampires and the malevolent alien race that created them. Luckily there are good monsters too, like Ambrose—those that only feed on the blood of twisted men. Men like my father.

I was as good as dead when Ambrose saved me. Against my better judgment, I’m falling for him. Given my past, such feelings are unacceptable, so I keep them buried.  I tell myself I’m better off without them, without him—but that’s a lie, too.

When a series of abductions draws Ambrose to the front lines of an interspecies war, I’m not sure which scares me most: telling him what he means to me, or losing him before I get the chance.

About the Author

Anastasia Poirier is an author and freelance editor in Portland, Oregon. Dead Like Stars is her first novel. She’s currently writing Darkling Like Stars, the second book in her Bloodlife series. When she is not writing or editing, she can be found searching for the end of the internet, talking to plants, and snuggling many, many cats.

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