Dear husband

Genre: General Fiction, Humour, Non Fiction, Romance, Young Adult

Book Summary

Everybody was generous with their opinion when Sandy Ray-- a strong independant sucessfull young woman who sworn to never get married-- decided to marry a charmer she has only known for one month, but everything was perfect. What could go wrong? He was heart warmingly charming. Loving. This man was everything she believed didnt exist. She said yes eventhough a certain line repeated in her mind.
" If it is too good to be true then it probably is."

However she was known for her paranoia and impulse, so there was a big chance that it was only her mind playing tricks on her, to rob her of an amazing future.
Or could it be her intuition.

It is somewhere in a month or year post lockdown. Sandy Ray is able to 'break out' and travel to meet up with her favorite woman without a mask clutching at her face, suffocating her while she is looking for sold out bread.

Dear husband, is the story of five middle class woman, A daughter, a mother, two aunts and a step-aunt. Two divorced. One staying married on behalf of the kids and the other, the policewoman, that is how they refer to her, as she keeps her husband under lock and key. Daughter, already one foot out the door. Mother occasionally and mysteriously burst out in tears for no apparent reason. An overanalyzing skeptic aunt. These woman together's witty take on their marriages and how it strenghtened them is emotionally charged, at times heartbreaking, yet humurous and colouful.

About the Author

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