Death of a Scratching Post

Genre: Humour, Poetry

For Fans Of

Charles Bukowski, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Frank Stanford, Jack Kerouac, Allan Ginsberg, Leonard Cohen

Book Summary

"The cat is us, as we wish life could be." This short poetry chapbook is a celebration of cats as much as it is a look into loneliness, into the heart of a poet, and perhaps into yourself. If you've read my previous cat-themed collection, LOVE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE LITTER BOX, then you know what to expect: Cats are the stars of some poems, bit players in others, but they are always there, purring in your ear, telling us life isn't so bad if we'd only just open our eyes and see...

SAMPLE POEM: "MAGNIFICENT BEASTS" There's a cat inside us, biting, clawing to get out. This cat is wild— it wants to be free, to return to its feral roots. It doesn't understand jobs, laws, taxes. It only understands what we have forgotten: our connection to nature, our desire to roam free and unfettered like the magnificent beasts we are.


You won't be able to put it down..."
--Kindle reviewer

"...It connects with you on a profound level."
--Kindle reviewer

"He had me at meow... I thoroughly loved this book."
--Kindle reviewer

"This is a poetry book about cats, but it's more than that; it's a reflection of the author's philosophy and musings in the eyes of his cats. . . . It connects with you on a profound level."
--Tom Adams, author of
The Psychonaut

"[Jackson Dean Chase] manages to say a lot about the human and feline condition and how we are better together."
--Kindle reviewer

"Loved this. There is a profound sensitivity of insight into the way human and cat lives intertwine . . . What can I say except this is a must for anyone who loves cats."
--Kindle reviewer (UK)

About the Author

Award winning author/poet of over twenty #1 best sellers, including How to Start Your Novel, Young Adult Fiction Best Sellers, and Bukowski's Ghost.

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