Death Wishes

Genre: Action Adventure, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

For Fans Of

Cecelia Aherne, Jodi Picoult, Character-driven romantic fantasy

Book Summary

During a routine operation, Jo Gold dies, causing all hell to break loose in heaven. No more exciting explorations with her teenage kids. No more bringing the worlds of film and TV into her maths lessons. Or are there?
Her list of “10 things I must do before I die,” written in front of witnesses, constitutes a legal and binding contract. Based on seven key aspects of her life, the angels have to decide whether she deserves a stay of execution to fulfil her bucket list.
As Machidiel builds a picture of her life, he’s drawn to her in ways no angel should be. The added complication? His boss, Zadkiel, is determined to cause chaos at every opportunity. Mac is equally determined to keep this woman alive. If she lives and he is appointed her guardian angel, the real problem will be resisting his attraction to her.
When faced with the ultimate temptation of a true soul mate, they will need every ounce of honour and integrity, not to succumb.


"Tantalisingly teasing, Death Wishes is an offbeat love story told in Green's imitable style. She brings a touching vulnerability to Jo whilst her nicely nuanced rendering of Mac allows for a quirky perspective on human life. Often easier said than done, Green comes up with inventive ways to work this into her narrative with timely levity and a genuinely original twist to Heaven that's simply sublime." - BookViral

"The characters Ms Green has created are so loveable and so real, that by the end, you will feel like you are reading a story about your best friend. Her humor sparkles, her passion sizzles and her image of the bureaucracy of Heaven is truly unique (and hilarious). I don't care if I'm talking in cliches: This book deserves all the good ones!" - JD Faulkner, Author of Mirrored Time 

"Full of heat, sass and humour, Death Wishes is a fantastic must read. Seriously. MUST. READ. :)" - SM Freedman, Author of The Faithful 

"With all of the originality that Rowanna Green readers have come to love, DEATH WISHES takes readers on a journey to the afterlife, where things are almost nothing like you might have imagined them. Combining a one of a kind story with her masterful control of the English language, Ms. Green has added another stroke of genius to a tapestry already filled with bright hues of brilliant fiction." - Buzz Malone, Author of Silence of Centerville. 

"The narrative provides an uplifting mood of redemption, love and spirituality throughout the book. It is perfect for readers who love the forbidden and seemingly impossible romances and yearn to experience the same in their lives. 'Death Wishes' is as guilty pleasure as they come." - Amazon Reader


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About the Author

Ro Green squanders most of her leisure time reading, writing and listening to music. Almost every minute of every day sees her sat at a keyboard, furtling with a story (hers or someone else's) or chatting to her many friends all over the world. That's living alright! Well it is when you combine it with frequent trips to Wet, Windy Wales or Wondrous Wessex. Ro lives with her husband in the middle of England with the odd visit from their three darlings. There are some boring bits about having to earn a crust - but that's not really Ro.

Half a century of people, countries and experiences are fighting inside her mind to get themselves down on paper. So many stories, so little time.

She is proud to announce the release of the third in her series of military thrillers with a hint of dark romance. Hostage: Fox Among Wolves, Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, Big Bad Wolf. Although it started life as a single book, readers requested more of these characters, "the unsung heroes who work in the shadows." Great fun to work with such quirky, subversive guys and gals.

Ro Green is a member of the World Wise Writer's group, a group of awesome scribes with huge hearts, wickedly funny lines and cats. Especially Ginger ones.

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